Our story

Underwear is not an accessory

Why is it that the foundation of any outfit, the first thing you put on before starting your day, is treated as an accessory by so many? Make one wrong decision in the morning and you'll be uncomfortable all day. Get it right and you won't notice at all.

After trying every pair of boxer shorts that we could find and waiting years for a solution that never came, we asked ourselves what we could do better.

We wanted a pair of boxer shorts that could adapt to an unpredictable day, so that's exactly what we designed.

Created for the everyday

Feel confident wearing the same pair of underwear whatever you do. Focus on what matters most instead of dealing with discomfort.

Low profile design

No garish designs or repeated cut-off logos. Our Boxer Briefs look just as good under chinos as they do sweatpants.

Backed by us

We wear them every day and think you should too. Try them for yourself and if you're not convinced within 30 days we'll take them back for a full refund.

Proudly a member of

We commit 1% of our revenue towards environmental projects.